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 January 5th, 1967
 Mexico City
Specialized in the art of polychromatic marquetry

Alfredo Díaz Llorens is a Mexican visual artist who resides in La Paz, Baja California Sur, México. His artistic training includes studies in drawing, painting and wooden engraving. He has specialized in the art of polychromatic marquetry which he has used to create over 900 highly valuable and dynamic works .


His works have been in galleries both domestic and international such as ‘Ten Love Letters and One Unbridled Passion’ in Cecilia Ortiz’ Tao Gallery, 1991; A collective exposition named ‘Reunion’ in Juan Luis Diaz’ gallery The Trades, 1997; the exposition ‘Naked Nudes’ and more recently the expo ’27 Spiritual’ which took place in the Cuajimalpa’s Cultural Center in 2011, this exposition also went on to appear in Punta del Este, Uruguay.


Among other projects Díaz Llorens has worked on, there is the elaboration of the calligraphy for María Dolores Díaz’ book ‘The Mutant’ from 1985, the conceptual creation and elaboration of the project ‘Spiral Art’ which began in 1995 and is still going on to this day. Also, Díaz painted a mural in 2002 inside the Eastern Male Prison of Mexico City as part of their program for artistic inspiration. And in the last half of 2006 he performed as Oil Painting Advisor in ‘Know your way. You are the way’ an artistic project winner of the contest ‘Art Everywhere’, launched by Mexico City’s Culture Ministry.


Foto: Alejandra Fernández

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